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How do you design a web site? The easiest way to start is take the plunge and learn some of the html coding basics.  Yes, I know...there are editors around that'll do all that "hard" stuff for you...what happens when you don't like the result the editor has arbitrarily decided on? Even WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors need to be coaxed into line, now and then. If you know some of the basics, you control the editor, not the other way around.
I started the hard way, with a book, a good text editor, and a browser.  Sometime later, after much trial and error, I uploaded my first web.  It was basic, it was  sparse of content, but it was  there! I was proud of it.  Looking back, I'm still proud of those first pages, (evolved  now) but would do them differently, given the opportunity, of course. Experience gives a change of  perspective. 
The temptation to use the "latest, biggest and brightest" ideas available is always there; new methods are springing up daily...hourly, almost.  When I'm tempted to try the newest "flash", I  remind myself that a fast loading, clean looking, interesting and informative page is better than an innovative, glitzy, special effects page that nobody is going to see because it loads so slowly that nobody will wait around that long.

A good web site (personal or business) is almost a living entity; it grows and changes constantly or it dies. Fresh content and new ideas give it life.

I hope the links listed below will help you on your way to building your web. There are sources from java scripts, clip art, and search engines, among others.  Good luck, and if I can be of assistance, please let me know.  Susan


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